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The health care stands in front of new demands in society the forthcoming decades. This stands not only for Sweden but for large parts of the world that will be handling an ageing population and at the same time new demands on quality. This will create new premises and extensive openings for companies to enter new markets for their products and solutions.
The need and will for influences from outside is getting more and more clear within the national health care systems and this interest is going to increase. The companies that are going to come up with new innovative products is the ones that are going to succeed the most. Germany is one of the countries that will have a large demand and desire to find new solutions for the future.
Hügoth offers specialist knowledge in medtech and the business competence needed for the creation of a successful establishment or business co-operation.
Clinical Advisiory Board
The Hügoth Clinical Advisiory Board has been given the assignment to in a business-oriented review evalute medtech products when internationalisation stands as next step. The auditing is the first thread through the needle in evaluating the market potential and readiness for a product and the possibilites in starting production. 
The board has competencies in production, quality and clinical knowledge in order to evalute if a product has the potential to reach the international market. The board has the knowledge, know-how and network that secure the quality and extent that is needed. The success of a product is not only its own advantages – it must also find its market. If the product is ready to take the next step the company will be offered the Hügoth network in Berlin Brandenburg.

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