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Your future: FAQ


Hügoth is a specialist consultant company in the field of international networking and co-operations giving companies dual advantages. This creates an co-operation which guide the business relations of our clients to the next decisive step. A company aiming going international may find it difficult finding the right ways to the decision-making level. It takes resources in time and money. Hügoth AB makes this passage easier by starting in the Berlin Brandenburg area. This is where the decisions are being made and we guide our clients there. After having qualified a potential export market opens up. .
Germany is today Sweden’s most important export market answering for 10 % of the world’s total export. This creates extensive opportunities for Swedish companies. A company entering and succeeding on the German market goes into new world markets. The size and structure of Germany with its 16 states has created regional markets. The Berlin Brandenburg area is the region with the most international character and business culture. The international ambience and English being common in this area makes multinational business co-operations less complicated.
Hügoth offers a qualified network to the elite of Berlin politics, business world and health care. This opens up for meetings on a personal basis that give you and your company the answers to the decisive questions on internationalisation. In this process Hügoth AB acts operatively all the way according to agreements and confidentiality.


Going into a process of internationalisation means a commitment that acquires resources. This means having the right resources looking on staff, competency, production, sales and marketing. Threading the economical needle with Hügoth means having a qualified auditing on the opportunities within the company. The renowned financial and business experts at Hügoth evaluate the economical status of a company or make a economic perusal to make a evaluation of the business status in order to take the next step.


Long-term investors often demand that you and your company are able to sell the product on a stable market. Being able to demonstrate that a product has thread the needle internationally via the Berlin Brandenburg area accumulates the prospect of qualified investors to enter the process with their competencies both financially and on market development. Given the size of the German market Hügoth is able to assist in presenting and clarify the financial and market opportunities for investors.

After financing as one alternative the establishment on the new market follows. Hügoth participates actively in all phases of this process of establishing, from start-up to the establishing of new international business operations.


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